Mr Scarecrowavitch the first post

This is my first post for the Mitzvahs and Marrows allotment group.  As a scarecrow I have a unique sense of perspective on gardening and the workings of the group. Aside from my arduous work keeping the allotment and garden areas free from birds and other pests, I am also a Jewish scarecrow (and a Yorkshire one at that!)  From time to time I shall be posting on the blog with my thoughts on gardening and anything else that takes my fancy.

Mr Scarecrowavitch hard at work

Mr Scarecrowavitch hard at work

Here goes … those of us in England who are not being flooded out are enjoying having our gardens watered by the Divine gardener. I do not often make religious pronouncements but all this rain makes me want to.

Also if you are using fertilizer on your gardens, it is probably wise to use slow release granules rather than the sort you  dilute in water. And of course greenhouses and cold frames need watering still.

Some times I ask the Mitzvahs and Marrows people to go out to the garden to water plants between storms. Our non gardening friends find this hilarious…. and so do I at times!

Watch this space for more important scarecrow articles.

Yours, Mr Scarecrowavitch 🙂