About weeding

It is always important to keep on top of weeding.  Weeds compete with other plants for water, oxygen and nutrients plus they take up room and can spread … well, like weeds!

The question is what is a weed?  You might think this just means dandelions, couch grass, chick weed (clue in the name with that one!), horsetail, clover, and the like.  However the true definition of a weed is a plant in the wrong place.  This means any form of plant life be it a rose or a carrot!  If you don’t want roses in your border because you want to grow something else and don’t have any other room, then technically the rose is regarded as a weed.

You can get special blasting tools to get rid of weeds or use chemical sprays but at Mitzvahs and Marrows we use traditional non chemical methods.

By far the best tools for weeding are the good old hoe, trowel and small garden fork.  The hoe is great for slicing the tops off weeds and crushing them into submission!  What do you do when the weed has a long tap root and just keeps coming back?  Dandelions can be the worst for this and here is where you have to get down to its level and use either the small garden fork or the trowel to dig down and get the root out.  This is very satisfying and you know it is worth the trouble.

In the autumn is it a good idea once you have cleared a large patch of weeds to put down a mulch or weed suppressant membrane to stop those weeds coming back.  Nothing is ever 100% and you cannot keep weeds down forever, (in fact they have been known to grow through new tarmac!) but the important thing is not to give up.  Just keep weeding little and often and you will win the weed war!