How did it all start?

We are the Mitzvahs and Marrows allotment group, part of Neshama at LJWB.  We started in 2009, turning an used garden into an allotment so that we could benefit from planting, growing and harvesting our own vegetables.

It is well documented that horticulture, time outdoors and exercise improve mental health … so we put it to the test and more than 3 years later we have seen some great results not just in the vegetables we grow, but in our levels of well being!

What we do

At our weekly allotment group we meet up to:

  • plan, plant and grow all kinds of vegetables and flowers
  • share ideas with other budding gardeners
  • in the winter months we make chutneys and other products to sell and raise funds
  • visit inspirational gardens and allotments
  • …. not forgetting lots of cups of tea along the way!

Mitzvahs and Marrows logo with help from the Art Group at LJWB


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