June Gardening Tasks

Hi again, it’s me your favourite gardening guru, Mr Scarecrowavitch!  June is here and the sun is out (at times) and there are many important jobs to do in the garden.

Mr Scarecrowavitch in his Jubilee best

Mr Scarecrowavitch hard at work

  1. Make sure to keep on top of the weeding.  I cannot stress this enough.  I make sure the Mitzvahs and Marrows crew don’t let any weeds come into to flower.  If you do then it means seeds and even more weeds in the future.
  2. Be sure to water plants regularly especially those in containers.  No plant likes to be water logged but it mustn’t dry out either.  The best times to water are first thing in the morning and last thing at night.  Also try to water at the root of the plant and not sprinkle over the leaves.
  3. The green house can get very hot this time of year (when the sun is out anyway!), so it is a good idea to open a window or door slightly during the day and close it at night.  This allows air to circulate and stops your plants from  scorching.
  4. If you have cabbages or any other brassicas growing you must cover them with horticultural netting and/or fleece to stop the birds and cabbage white butterflies from getting to them.  A scarecrow can only do so much!  I try my best to stop them but the hardiest pigeon can decimate a cabbage in no time.  Simple netting will make all the difference.
  5. Harvest lettuces and salad crops otherwise they might bolt… no, I don’t mean make a run for it! 😉 Bolting is when a plant stops producing leaves and goes to seed.  You may get pretty flowers but you want something to eat from a lettuce!

And lastly don’t get disheartened if your plants aren’t doing so well.  The great thing about gardening is to remember you can always try again and the Mitzvahs and Marrows crew are here to (try) and answer any of your questions.

Happy Gardening from Mr Scarecrowavitch! 😀