March Gardening Tasks

This year is whizzing by so quickly, and now that spring is definitely on the way it is time to get those preparations completed so that the gardening year can begin.  At Mitzvahs and Marrows this month we will have plenty to do, in fact today we are planting out our seed potatoes.

Other important gardening tasks for March include:

  • Check over your garden tools to make sure they are in top condition.  Remember you don’t need loads of fancy garden tools, a spade, hoe, trowel and hand fork will suffice for now.  Unless you have a massive lawn that is!
  • Speaking of lawns, as long as the ground is reasonably dry March is a good time to scarify the lawn with a spring tine rake.  This just means raking the lawn to remove moss and thatch.  Scarifying helps the lawn to green up and you can put the moss and thatch into the compost bin.
  • If you haven’t already prepared your seedbeds then you must start now!  Hoeing will remove any weeds, break up soil, and even if the ground seems clear hoeing will remove any weeds seeds and stop them getting a foothold.
  • It is also a good time to start sowing seeds inside into modules or little plant pots (or if you attending the sale last week use your ‘grow your own seed kit’), so that you will have the beginnings of crops to plant out after Pesach time.  You don’t need rolling acres to grow your own, just start seeds off on a sunny windowsill.

Look out for a more detailed article about what to do once your seeds have gone past germination and are ready to be hardened off before planting outside proper.  Remember if you have any questions or comments please reply to this post and we shall reply back as soon as we can.