Ode to the allotment

medium sized pumpkin chilling out

A Limerick by J

You may think we’re just fork, spades, wheelbarrows
With a small plot of land not quite narrow
But we nourish the soul with food grown for the bowl
We do chutney and mitzvahs and marrows


Garden Poem

When I’m in my garden
Planting and sowing seeds.
Vegetables, fruits and all sorts of things
even peas and prickly trees.

red berries

I love to be outside
Even in my lovely green house
Working hard every day,
Every hour that comes along
Watering and potting all things
That are green, but not everything
Only everything that is seen

Sometimes I work outside,
Sometimes I could in be in,
It doesn’t matter really where I am, coz
Thingz are always happenin’.

Strawberries, satsumas and sharon fruit.
All fantastic, lovely and sweet; eating in the right way
Can be such a treat.

garden scene

All living things, great and small
Animals, plants, flowers, fruit and vegetables
Growing and sowing seeds and time,
Around nothing else, but love and wine.

by Jackie Rich