Attack of the rogue potatoes

Yes, last month there was an attack by rogue potatoes on the Mitzvahs and Marrows allotment! 😯  Fear not we were able to vanquish these rogue potatoes and free up the vegetable beds from these invaders :mrgreen:

Seriously though, what do we mean by rogue potatoes?  In previous years at Mitzvahs and Marrows we had planted out potato crops.  However thinking we had harvested all the potatoes at the end of the season, yes there were some left in. This is quite common with potatoes and they do have a habit of over wintering and then turning up in the middle of your other crops the following year.

This does not have to be a big problem as long as you don’t leave the potatoes in situ as they will compete with your other crops (in our case leeks and onions) and can also damage any crop rotation you are trying to do.

So last week we all got togged up into our gardening gear and braving the lashing rain carefully dug up the rogue potatoes, replanted some into pots and saved others to give away to other groups at the Centre.

No potato was harmed in the making of this blog 😆